Elizabeth- Ann Charity Update

An update from the Elizabeth Ann Charity

The Report below gives some idea of the significant blessings our donations provide to the people of Burlavaripalem, many of whom have lost their total income through government measures to curb Covid. The pictures above show the items of food and the queues to get the life-sustaining supplies for hungry families. I am pleased that, unlike some of the food distribution in India which excludes Christians, the food distributed by EAC is given, with Christian love, to ALL needy people in the village. There are about 100 Rupees to the pound, so each needy village family gets about £4 of food regularly supplied by EAC, for as long as funds allow.

“This early morning at 2 o’clock we went to the market and got 6 kinds of vegetables. This time the vegetables were a bit expensive. We started the groceries distribution programme after the church service at 3.30. This time we removed dal and Sooji and instead added ginger and garlic.

These are the items 

Onions.                   15.00 rupees                  Garlic.                     25.00 rupees 

 Ginger.                    20 .00rupees                Wheat powder.      38 .00rupees 

Salt.                         08 .00rupees                 Soap.                       16.00 rupees 

Chilli powder.         60. 00rupees                  Oil.                           100.00 rupees 

Eggs (6no.s).          20.00 rupees                 Biscuits.                  05.00 rupees 

Brinjal.                     20.00 rupees                 Ladies fingers.       15.00 rupees 

Cucumber.              10.00 rupees                 Chillies.                   10.00 rupees 

Tomatoes               10.00 rupees                  Beans.                      10.00 rupees 

Total.                        382.00 rupees

Everything went on well. All were very happy. They all have asked us to convey their thanks to you.

We also thank you and specially our Lord Jesus for using us mightily in this noble work. 

Best wishes, 

Vinaya Kumar 

Project Director.”