Fresh Foundations

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What is ‘Fresh Foundations’?

‘Fresh Foundations’ is the newly revealed name for our project to create a new Church Centre in Winscombe to serve the three churches of St. James’s, St John’s and All Saints and their communities.

Our Vision is to create a beautiful centre not only for worship but to fulfil our mission of ‘Putting the love of Christ at the heart of our community’ by continuing to provide spaces for lettings but also for community outreach activities providing some of the services that are currently missing from our villages.

Why ‘Fresh Foundations’?

The colour green represents new life and growth, energy and sustainability. The word ‘fresh’ is about a vibrant, new project. ‘Foundations’ makes the link between our old building with its issues and a new building with fresh foundations. We are also laying the foundations for a new chapter in the life of our churches, the base of our strength and new confidence in building our future.

Our Concept

This is just a concept. It does not represent the final look or layout of the proposed centre.

Our Story ………

This is our current Church Centre in Winscombe.
As you can see it is a dated building, too small for our three churches to meet together.
Back in 2021 we discovered several areas of cracks in the walls revealing subsidence. This got us thinking, ‘Is it time to have a new building?’

Application for Outline Planning Permission

After several consultations and were encouraged with the responses received. So we went ahead and applied for Outline Planning Permission on the Design Concept in July 2023. We expect feedback mid September. Meanwhile we are busy fundraising and looking for project volunteers

We would welcome positive or constructive comments being made regarding the planning application.

You can do this at:

Please continue to pray for a positive outcome.