All Souls Service

All Souls: Sunday 31st October 2021

We remembered All Souls on the afternoon of 31st October.

A thoughtful and gentle time of singing, listening to music and poems and being together to remember those we have loved – all the people in our lives who have helped, encouraged and loved us, be they family, friends, neighbours or colleagues. We thank them and remember them.

During a time of commemoration, a poem was read and in between the verses, as names were remembered, people could come forward to hang their cards on the tree with their personal message of love. Everyone took home a narcissus bulb to plant to see the sign of hope and new life in the Spring. The trees will stay in the prayer area in St James’s Church until after Christmas so if you wish to add a name you are very welcome.

All our loved ones are saints to us and we were glad to be together to express our gratitude for the days and years we were able to share with them.

Remember me, When you will search the skies in constant wonder. Am I gone from you? Remember me in all your tears and sighs, And hear my promise – I’m still one with you.