Faith In Action – What do we do?

Will we walk on by…….?

We are rightly concerned for our wellbeing and that of our loved ones, but so many people we don’t know by name are hurting to the point of despair at this time.

Consider the couple in Madagascar, worried recently at lack of news of close family, who set off on foot, walking 40 miles to visit, only to discover tragedy. Mother, father and their three young children had died of starvation, the last one only a few days before their arrival.

Many elderly people in Burlavaripalem, India, survive on one meagre meal each day. For the young in that village, the gift of a bicycle can mean education is possible and enable them to get safely to school, often involving cycling many miles. The Elizabeth-Ann charity provides food and a wide range of support, changing lives in so many wonderful ways there.

Hurting and abused women in Bristol, are now able to find safety and practical help in the Christian–run Spring of Hope night shelter.

With families of our own, we can sympathise with Angela in Weston, one of many anxious mothers recently made redundant, eking out food for her two young children.

St James Faith in Action team has carefully supported those working in all the above areas, as well as several other charitable groups, but this past unusual year has seen St James income fall and the church has been unable to afford the budgeted charity amount of £3000, allocating only £800 in 2020. We are therefore appealing to those concerned about the welfare of the needy, particularly the needy Christians in other lands, facing starvation or persecution, which has taken a terrible toll on Christians in the past year. We also know many of you also want to give support to those locally, caring for the vulnerable in Bristol and Weston.

The FIA team makes every effort to be certain the charities we support are efficient in their distribution of funds and 100% of your giving – plus an extra 25% if you are able to Gift Aid your contributions – goes to help alleviate poverty, persecution and distress. 

We issue regular updates on this page and also in the Church Newsletter.