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Afghanistan Appeal

In response to humanitarian aid being sought around the globe, the benefice of Winscombe & Sandford with Churchill have launched a September appeal

Three major charities will be supported:

18 million people in Afghanistan need humanitarian help – due to decades of conflict, years of extreme drought, and weeks of heavy fighting. The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been supporting the people of Afghanistan for over 30 years. We won’t stop now.

There are estimated to be around 1,200 Christian families in Afghanistan, totalling 5,000 to 8,000 individuals. But only the Lord knows the true number.

As first-generation converts from Islam and their children, they face almost certain death at the hands of the Taliban, who now control virtually the whole country, and will kill them as apostates.  Unless they can escape.

Christian Aid has been working in Afghanistan for thirty years and we will not desert now; more support will be required for poor and marginalised communities in the coming days. We’re doing all we can to continue distributions of food and emergency supplies to the most affected communities.  We hope that humanitarian access will remain, especially access to women and girls in the communities as we are very concerned about their safety.